DEFRA consultation reducing emissions from medium sized plant
18th November 2016
SSI 2016/376.
18th November 2016

Suspended sentences following poor response to improvement notices

The director of a South Wales furniture factory and three of its managers have received suspended prison sentences for ongoing health and safety failings.

The Health and Safety Executives (HSE) has been targeting woodworking premises for inspection, as they are considered a high-risk industry because of dangerous machines and hazardous substances including wood dust and glues. Ten Improvement Notices were served on the company in February 2015, following a visit by HSE Inspectors which found poor control of wood dust, no maintenance of work equipment including fume and dust extraction, noisy conditions and inadequate toilet and washing facilities.

Despite ongoing intervention by the HSE, there was little progress and conditions remained poor. Seven of the Improvement Notices were not complied with.