RI (Republic of Ireland) 2024/235
28th May 2024
SI 2024/706
29th May 2024

Simplifi May 2024 newsletter

In our May newsletter we present a new piece of legislation on hedgerow conservation.  During the month amendments have been made to nine Statuary Instruments covering planning law, merchant shipping (three), renewable fuels, building safety, energy (two) and waste management.  For The Republic of Ireland, we have an amendment to legislation on the prevention of marine pollution. For the EU, we have legislation on the shipment of waste and reporting of environmental data.

Consultations have been raised on making amendments to the REACH process, on changes to enforcement of the UK Emissions Trading Scheme and the inclusion within that scheme of energy from waste plants. In the news is a notice from HSE stating that thermites must be considered to be Class 1 dangerous goods (as explosive substances and articles) when being considered for transportation. We list five prosecutions of note.