SI 2018/362
15th March 2018
SI 2018/374
19th March 2018

SI 2018/369

The Waste Enforcement (England and Wales) Regulations 2018.  Comes into force 29th March.  Amends the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (A 1990 c. 43) by inserting sections to give a waste regulation authority or waste collection authority the power to issue a notice in respect of removal of waste which is unlawfully kept or disposed of in or on land within the authority’s area. It also amends Environment Act 1995 (A 1995 c. 25) by inserting sections which give the Environment Agency and the Natural Resources Body for Wales the power to issue a “restriction notice” and to apply to the courts for a “restriction order”.  Such notices and orders prohibit access and the importation of waste to premises for a specified period.