Press Releases

10th June 2016

ECHA identifies two substances of very high concern

The ECHA (the European Chemical Agency) has proposed that two substances be identified as substances of very high concern (SVHC). These are the phthalate DCHP, due to its toxicity for reproduction and endocrine disruptive effects to humans, and 3-benzylidene camphor due to its endocrine disruptive effects to the environment.

7th June 2016

Changes to REACH test methods

The amended REACH annexes concerning skin and eye irritation and acute dermal toxicity have been published in the Official Journal of the European Union and will enter into force on 20 June. The REACH requirements for skin corrosion/irritation, serious eye damage/eye irritation, acute dermal toxicity and skin sensitisation are changing, making non-animal testing the default requirement. ECHA (European Chemical Agency) reminds registrants of their obligations to consider and, where possible, use alternative methods.

10th May 2016

ECHA sets 1st Sept deadline for substance approval

The ECHA reminds companies that, by 1st September, they should apply for the approval of active substances in biocidal products which fall within the scope of the revised Biocidal Products Regulation.

This deadline concerns two groups:

Active substances in food contact materials for surface action. In situ generated active substances with precursors that were not in the scope of the directive because they were not placed on the market, or because no claim was made that these precursors could be used for a biocidal purpose.