SSI 2020/387
23rd November 2020
SI 2020/1336
25th November 2020

November news letter

Dear Simplifi User,

We are pleased to inform you, that we have introduced additional options within the legislation compliance area. Clicking the new “Register Options” button on the legal register homepage will provide you with the ability to choose which compliance scoring options you wish to utilise or hide.  This will provide you with the facility to tailor the compliance scoring area to your organisation’s specific requirements.

In our November newsletter we report on new legislation covering energy storage and health, COVID-19, protection.  We also note amendments to energy, environmental and health protection, merchant shipping and waste legislation.  We respond to a question about the revocation n of the CHIP (SI 2009/716) Regulations. Other aspects we hope you may find to be of interest include a review of the concept of competence and a note on changes to conformity assessments following Brexit.  There are three new consultations and a prosecution.