MAIB issue safety bulletin on the danger of firefighting suppressants
24th March 2020
SI 2020/365
30th March 2020

March news letter published

Dear Simplifi User,

In our March 2020 News Letter we report on new legislation covering building and planning controls and plant protection and on amendments to legislation covering environmental and health protection, planning and waste.

UK Government is publishing temporary amendments to Statutory Instruments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The time frame for these amendments appears to be from present until September 2020. Simplifi will process these amendments as normal and will “red-line” them at such time that they cease to apply.

New consultations cover the design of an environmental land management scheme and changes to the CfD (Contract for Difference).  We cover revised guidance on manage the risks of working alone and the dangers resulting from the discharges of particulates from fire suppression systems in confined spaces.  Finally, there are prosecutions of note.