SI 2018/910.
31st July 2018
Cardiff based aeronautical firm fined £400,000
14th August 2018

Eire legislation RI 2018/254.

RI 2018/254.  Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Diving) Regulations 2018.  Coming into force 1st May 2019. The Regulations outline a framework of responsibilities, specify duty holders and define the specific duties of those persons engaged in the diving project e.g. clients, diving supervisor, diving contractor, divers and other persons. The Regulations put in place relevant, updated, streamlined and clearer safety, health and welfare provisions for all those diving at work. They expand on and replace the existing legislation and now apply to any diving project in which a person who dives is at work. The Safety in Industry (Diving Operations) Regulations 1981 (RI 1981/422) are revoked.