SI 2018/739
22nd June 2018
Simplifi June News letter
25th June 2018

Consultation on energy intensive cost exemptions

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is consulting on widening the eligibility for energy intensive industries for exemption from the indirect costs of the renewable electricity support schemes.  Consultation closes 7th September. Consultation covers aspects such as:

  • whether there is evidence of potential competitive distortions as a result of the current eligibility threshold for the renewable electricity cost exemption schemes
  • to what percentage should the current threshold of 20% electricity intensity be lowered – 17%, 15% or 10% – in order to address the distortions
  • if the threshold is lowered, how should the cost on non-eligible consumers be minimised
  • how should money recovered from over-exempted EIIs be redistributed
  • how operation of the exemption schemes might be improved.Consultation on widening