MCA consultation on Merchant Shipping (Prevention of Oil Pollution) Regulations.
4th June 2018
EU 2018/782
8th June 2018

Changes to Diving Information Sheets

HSE report that they have withdrawn five of their Diving Information Sheets (DVIS).  These are: Sheet 1; General diving hazards, Sheet 2; Diving system winches, Sheet 3; Breathing gas management, Sheet 4; Compression chambers and Sheet 6; Maintenance of diving bell hoist ropes.  DVIS Number 5, 7, 9, have been significantly updated in consultation with industry.  DVIS 12, 13, 14, incorporate minor updates to align with the current version of the ACoPs. DVIS 11; Diving cylinders (Guidance on their manufacture, inspection and carriage) is currently under review.