Simplifi June News letter
25th June 2018
SSI 2018/219
29th June 2018

A 2018 c.15

A 2018 c.15  Nuclear Safeguards Act 2018.  Comes into force 26th June.  An Act to make provision about nuclear safeguards; and for connected purposes.  This is enabling legislation which empowers the Secretary of State to make regulations to:

  1. ensure that qualifying nuclear material, facilities or equipment are only available for use for civil activities elsewhere), and
  2. give effect to provisions of a relevant international agreement.

The legislation also empowers the Secretary of State to amend three designated pieces of legislation.

The Act makes amendments to Sections 72 and 112 of The Energy Act 2013 (A 2013 c.32) and adds sections 76A and B.